Come, remember
Ophelia King, Areez Katki

What is intimacy? Is it that which we keep private - the spaces, thoughts and parts of ourselves so deftly hidden and protected, day after day? Or does intimacy find existence when those facets of our being are shared with others, acknowledging the trust and privilege of such a gesture?

In many ways, it is intimacy that has shaped and defined my relationships with both artists.

It is intimacy too, in my opinion at least, that gently ties the work of both artists. Through her camera King explores the gaze and the body. The space between the viewer and subject feels kind, understanding. Katki’s work mines a rich personal cache of experience and lineage, a sensitive reflection of identity and sexuality, otherness and community.

So here we find ourselves at the aptly named Window gallery, looking in at these intimate moments and thoughts. Katki is on the other side of the world, for now, but King is right here. Friendships created and nourished by reaching out, grasping that which is at arms length and making it ours.

Intimacy; come closer, let it in.

Text by Emma Gleason

Join us for the opening of Come, remember on Wed 31st July, 5.30pm.
This exhibition runs from 31 July - 30 August 2019.